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Why You Should Consider a Business-Community Partnership - Spark Hire

Why You Should Consider a Business-Community Partnership - Spark HireGetting your geschftliches miteinander involved in the community is a great way to increase employee morale, encourage work-life balance in your company culture, and generate buzz about your company. Community involvement can mean supporting individual involvement in charity events, like sponsoring employees in Relay for Life. Getting involved as a company in piece-meal activities, like hosting a blood drive, is also a great way to go. However, Business-Community partnerships take community involvement to the next level. By forming a partnership with charitable organizations in your community, your company can provide support on an ongoing basis. This consistency provides more fun and reliable service for both employees and the communities they serve.What is a Business-Community Partnership? Simply put, it is an ongoing relationship between a business and a community organization. The business provides some kind of supportmoney, goods, or manpowerto the organization. The benefits to the business include better employee morale, a positive brand for the company culture, and the opportunity to network with a variety of potential customers and future employees. Business-education partnerships are a common type of business-community partnerships. In this case, employees might mentor students, volunteer to chaperone school events, or donate supplies to schools.In terms of marketing benefits for your business, business-education partnerships are a great way to go. Reaching out to public schools means reaching out to parents and families as well. However, other types of organizations need assistance and can create buzz. Consider disease-fighting organizations, community health organizations, sustainability groups, animal welfare groups, community food banks, homeless shelters, and even arts/performance organizations. Religious organizations would also be fine to partner with, but it would be a good id ea to compliment this affiliation with a secular partnership. No one should feel left out of community involvementA strong Business-Community partnership begins by gathering a group of people at your company who feel passionate about volunteering and company culture. This group should decide what the company is willing to offer a potential partner. Can you offer funding, goods, or services? Volunteer hours are a great inexpensive way to start a partnership, as is offering expertise on a given subject. If you are a tax firm, perhaps you can provide free tax preparation to your partnering organization as part of your community involvementAfter deciding what goods can be offered, select a community organization that best suits your company culture. Look for a partner that employees will be excited aboutand dont be afraid to consider which groups will yield the best networking results. You should be getting some good publicity out of this partnershipIs community involvement a part of yo ur company culture? Tell us your successes and challenges belownamen Courtesy of Flickr byzappowbang

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6 Essential Tips to Effectively Manage Your Job Search

6 Essential Tips to Effectively Manage Your Job Search6 Essential Tips to Effectively Manage Your Job Search6 Essential Tips to Effectively Manage Your Job SearchUse these tips to stay organized and sharp during your job search. TWEETWhether you are newly unemployed or looking for a change from your current job, its absolutely essential that you be equipped with the tools needed to learn how to create a resume and effectively manage your job search. Below are some tips for how to sharpen and refine your skills.Make your own non-vorlage template for your documentsMicrosoft yep, Google Drive and other mediums offer canned pre-made resume templates, but these can often be identified as such from a mile away. Using a Word template or something similar is an absolute dont. Instead, craft your own template that offers a pleasing balance of whitespace and text. Its also beneficial to have matching headers and formatting across all professional documents, thus creating a consistent professio nal brand for yourself. Or if you need help in tackling it all, there are resume help sites and Pinterest boards dedicated to resume development and tips for how to write a resume. One of the best investments is to have a resume professionally written and formatted.Use a calendarIt is beneficial to have a tangible copy of your schedule on hand, even if you have a great memory. Some folks prefer an old-fashioned paper planner (I recommend Moleskines product line). Conversely, others opt to use electronic calendars such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This will aid you in keeping track of all activities happening in your life, e.g. work, family, hobbies, appointments, etc. I use a color-coded Google Calendar in my own schedule management endeavours. In doing so, I maintain various sub-calendars within my main one each is color-labelled to represent a specific area of my life (personal, work, familythe possibilities are endless). This will also allow you to allocate time to wo rk on your resume, writing a CV and other documents, as well as job search and craft content for your LinkedIn profile.Create a LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is optimal for networking with professionals in your field, sharing ideas, and gaining inspiration from reputable companies. Having a well-crafted LinkedIn profile not only showcases your skills in a more detailed and comprehensive manner than can fit on a standard two-page resume, but it also demonstrates your marketing, technology and social media dexterity, which is strongly desired across multiple career sectors.Stay organized on the goTake the time to sync your schedule, email and contacts across all of your electronic devices. This ensures that you wont miss an important email or call, gives you easy access to contacts on the go, and guarantees communication consistency across the board. For example, while using your tablet, youll receive an alert to get to work on a job application thats due in a few days. From there, youll r each for your laptop and get to work If you use a paper calendar and dont have a smartphone, find something portable and easy to take with you (some companies, such as my beloved Moleskine even make pocket-sized calendars).Stay in touch with technologyThere are a multitude of applications and programs that may aid you in your processes and help you learn how to create a resume. To de-clutter your inbox, allows you to access a comprehensive listing of all emails youre subscribed to. You can then use it to decide what stays and what goes.For Gmail users, Boomerang is a great add-on that lets you draft emails ahead of time and schedule them to be sent later. Another email aid is IBMs Tone Analyzer. Per the tools description, it uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional tones, social propensities, and writing styles in written communication.A service that aids writers in writing more concisely is Hemingway this app can be downloaded to your PC or Mac for $9.99. A free ultra -spell checking service available to users is Grammarly. This may be added on as an extension to your browser and/or to MS Word so that every item you write on the web or within an open document, it undergoes a comprehensive check process that often catches errors that the browser or MS Word spellcheckers neglect.Furthermore, if you need to send a file to a prospective employer that your computer cant support, you can use a free site called Zamzar that converts your documents into the format you need and supplies them via email. You may opt to upgrade for a fee should you find yourself needing to convert larger files or aiming to receive files more instantaneously than unpaid users.Keep on readingIts invaluable as a professional in any field to stay apprised of best practices. This makes you all the more qualified as a job candidate and as a professional in your field. LinkedIn is a great place to find articles at no cost to you if you have a basic account. A simple Amazon search ca n yield a number of resources as well. One resource is Resume Magic, Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer and its counterpart dedicated to cover letters anything written by the books author Wendy S. Enelow is a great find for developing resume content.It is also advised to join a professional association specific to your desired career field. This allows you to have access to resources that come along with membership. Additionally, theres a free email service called BookBub that delivers a daily list of free or significantly-reduced eBook publications you can specify the genres you prefer and its a great way to build a library of professional development reads on a budgetReady to write the next chapter of your career? Hire a TopResume writer today

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Dont quit the bad job yet

Dont quit the bad job yetDont quit the bad job yetAs an executive coach and a CEO who hires people, I see a rise in professionals who are quitting their jobs before they have anotzu sich one. Generally, they do this because they are exhausted, see no way out of their pain and simply cannot spend one more minute in an intolerable situation. They feel they need to do this to preserve their sanity.Sometimes they quit because they are unfulfilled and think they can easily find something better. The problem is that a few months down the road they often find themselves more unhappy unemployed, without income, feeling low selfs include your sense of humor, tenacity, family, creativity, resourcefulness, compassion. Reach into your social networks and identify companies that exhibit those values every day.Create a Company Watch ListCompile a list of companies that live your values and are revered as such by others. Identify behauptung companies by searching online under hot jobs, job project ions, or best places to work.Develop a network of people who speak highly of their company culture and can be your advocate.Connect with people in your watch list by using LinkedIn and Xing. Ask them why they enjoy working where they are and how they would describe the culture. Let them know what youve learned about the company where they work so they know you are serious and informed. Dont ask them for a recommendation until after you have established a strong connection. Most likely they will offer to help.For an Eight Tip Career Plan for When Youre Not Sure What Industry or Position is Right click here. When you use your energy in a focused way toward a goal you wont feel as stagnant or frustrated in your current position because youre moving in a positive direction. Then be wise enough to wait for what you deserve. Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and corporate CEO who helps busy leaders get off the treadmill to nowhere to be more effective, earn more, be calmer a nd enjoy connected relationships with the people who matter while it still matters. Watch her FREE Master Class training on Three Things to Transform Your Life and Career Right Now

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Want to help other women Then talk about your mistakes

Want to help otzu sich women Then talk about your mistakesWant to help other women Then talk about your mistakesWhen most of us think back to anagonizing mistake, the last thing we want to do is tell the world about it. This is especially so for those mistakes that still sting.But thats exactly what happened last year when I moderated a panel of powerful women and heard a particularly courageous and personal lesson from political powerhouseLynn H. Yeakel, today the founder and co-chair ofVision 2020. When asked about a career mistake, Yeakel explained- to a rapt room of up-and-coming women- that in 1992 when she ran for U.S. Senate, she didnt run as herself.While she had won the primary, and welches very close to unseating the powerful incumbent, her campaign advisers convinced her that she had to stick to the messages the polls showed were most important to voters Said Yeakel, They told me how to dress, what to driveand in the end, I lost my grounding. It took a long time after tha t campaign for me to regain my sense of self and my personal integrity.I was astonished then, and I continue to be impressed and grateful to women like Yeakel, who expose these painful gremlins and offer them as gifts to young women. The key reason? Among top ranking women executives, these confessions are simply not that common.When leaders dont talk about their mistakes, they indirectly reinforce the perception that women who make it to top ranks have perfect judgment, had golden paths to leadership, or were never rejected or told No. A young woman, who is already skeptical that a leadership role is a plausible career goal, now sees a Grand Canyon between herself and a woman leader. She might think, She can do it but Im not like her.Jessica Bacal, the author of a smart new book,Mistakes I Made at Work25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong,saw this dynamic among successful women and decided to do something about it. Being one of Bacals 25 lucky inter view subjects, she probed each of us about those mistakes that ended up teaching us the most.I shared with Bacal my bumpy path out of social work school- where I took jobs that felt like the wrong fit- out of a fear of admitting that there was a mismatch. I also talked about the many good-girlisms that kept me stuck in a line of work that was flat-out wrong for me. When I finally got around to silencing those good-girlisms and indulged my ambition of focusing on working women, I was more contented than ever before. But boy was the road to getting there scary, uncomfortable, and long. My hope was that a story like this could push a new graduate to take control of their situation sooner than I did.If learning happens through trial and error, then you need to try, and more importantly, you need to err. So noted a striking article by Fast Company called Failure Is The Only Option, If Success Is The End Goal. The piece warns against one other consequence of sidestepping our most searing failures when we dont talk about mistakes, were much more likely to repeat them. If we keep our mistakes tucked away in the dark, they gain more power over us.Certainly, mistakes come in all shapes, sizes and levels of severity. And its not a question of if youll make them, its when. So, heres an idea next time you take a misstep, instead of carrying on with an emotional apology and wasting your time lugging around heavy remorse, put it on display. Let that mistake become of service to you and someone else. Tell your mentee about it. Talk about it with a peer or bring up your learning in a meeting with your team. I can personally vouch that this is the most helpful- and liberating- way to own that mistake.When recovering from a mistake, did you put it out there? How have you helped yourself move through the process?Thisarticlefirst appeared on Be Leaderly.

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What the most successful people do before breakfast

What the most successful people do before breakfastWhat the most successful people do before breakfastTo make the most out of the year, start at the end, and answer what would you like to say you did this year?My friend, Laura Vanderkam, had a smash hit this year with her book, What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast , and I thought this quiet week a good time to share her secrets of those savvy folks who make the most of the darkness before dawn.Her best bit of advice? To make the most out of this year, start at the end, and answer what would you like to say you did this year? Specifically, her advice isWrite the professional review youd like to give yourself at the end of the year.What three big professional goals would you like to say you accomplished? Think through the coming year and put down on paper the achievements youd like to push yourself to complete. What steps will you have taken to get there? What obstacles will you have overcome? What small triumphs and mi lestone rewards will you celebrate along the way?Visualize your success, and the (always unexpectedly changing) path there, and youll be a long step towards professional happiness twelve months hence.Laura adds, that you can do this in your personal life, too.You no doubt get holiday letters and cards from family and friends with their pictures of vacations taken, babies had, and memories created at the end of the year. SoWhy not write your holiday card or letter now?What would you like to say youve done in your personal life by the end of this year? Knowing that you want to say this is the year you joined a choir, visited Dublin, or started volunteering with the Boys Girls Club vastly increases the chances that those things actually happen.A little forward thinking remakes the future to your liking.To get Lauras tips, insights, and advice on improving your odds of making those future projections a reality, pick up her eBook at Amazon What The Most Successful People Do Before Brea kfast , and give yourself an unfair advantage.Im rooting for you

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What are 10 habits that are good to get into

What are 10 habits that are good to get intoWhat are 10 habits that are good to get intoThese are my Top 10 habits Ive developed over the last 33 years after studying entrepreneurs, executives from Fortune 1000 companies and my own personal experiencesMake a daily listEvery morning, make a list of the three most important things you have to do for the day that will make the largest impact. This helps to cut out the noise and forces you to prioritize. For example, the top three things on my list today were to host a training, attend two executive meetings and write two articles. I completed all three. PrioritiesUse the 10 years testWhen you run into tough situations, often times it will seem like a disaster. Many years ago, I made a mistake at work and my boss was incredibly upset with me. I immediately became really disappointed in myself and moped around for two days. Fast forward many years later to today and it turns out it was a just a slight bump in the road in my life. Its such a small issue that I dont even remember exactly what happened anymore You know what does bother me though? I could have spent those two days creating something or helping others in their lives instead of moping. So when you run into tough situations, instead of panicking, ask yourself, will this matter in 10 days? 10 months? 10 years? Chances are it wont. Dont sweat the small stuff and keep your eye on the big picture.Ladders is now on SmartNewsDownload the SmartNews app and add the Ladders channel to read the latest career news and advice wherever you go.Learn one new thing a dayIt could be a list of new habits (wink wink), a new language, a skill or insight. Push yourself to grow every single day. For example, today I hopped on a call with the creator of a TV show and learned about the entertainment industry. If you improved just a little bit every single day, think of how that effect compounds over a year. The impact becomes dramatic over time.Watch a thought leader on YouTube e very weekA lot of my friends and gurus recommend reading every day to learn. I like reading, but I tend to learn better through visuals. Thats why I like to watch a thought leader discuss their learnings and insights on Youtube instead. Heres one of my favorite videos when I need a little bit of inspiration. I find it to be a great way to supplement my learning. GetInspiredBatch your emailsIts easy to get distracted as a thousand emails hit your inbox throughout the day. Instead of checking each one as it comes in, batch it and check the batch every 3 hours if you can. Usually, if its something urgent someone will Gchat, Slack, Skype, text or call you.Drink a green smoothie every morningIts quick, easy and healthy for you. Who wants to chew vegetables for hours during breakfast anyway? This is such an awesome way to get a lot of your vegetables and fruit servings every day. Ive been doing it for years. I even pack a blender in my suitcase for my work trips (true story). zu gunsten v on tip freeze your fruits and vegetables so they last longer. Plus, it gives your smoothie a nice texture (especially if you add bananas). (I took a photo of my green smoothie for you using my professional camera check it out at the bottom of this post)Work out in the morningIts so simple but its so effective. Your energy will be much better or the rest of the day and your health will be better for it. I aim to run 23 miles a day followed by circuit training. Im not perfect, but on the days that I do it, I feel like a completely new person. Speaking of good morning habitsPractice gratitudeEvery morning (or night), tell yourself 3 things that youre grateful for that day. It will make you feel much happier. Another way to do this is to write it on post its and to put it into a mason jar. Anytime youre feeling down or stuck, just take out one of the Post-It notes and read it. I call it the jar of awesomeness. I have one sitting on my kitchen island now.Build a feel good crewSpend time with friends and family that lift you up and inspire you to live the best life possible. Have someone negative in your life? Dont spend time with them. Get the toxicity out of your life Be around people that bring out the best in you and help you shine.Have a bias towards experimentingA lot of times we dont know what the right answer is. Whats the best way to find out? Experiment. Test your ideas and have a bias towards taking actions to find out what will work. For example, I wanted to launch a consulting service helping people to launch their business ideas but had no idea how to do it. So what did I do? I started writing content around the subject, built a landing page and hosted 11 consulting calls. Guess what happened? I just got a verbal today for my 6th client for a $2,000 engagement. Know how many tries it took me? Too many to count. I had to constantly test different ideas on the way to finding the success that Ive found today. When in doubt, have a bias towards action and experimentation. Heres the good news, you dont have to go through all the failed experiments I went through I wrote a free guide for you here on how to land your first 3 clients.Want more great habits?Here are another 100 pieces of advice I wrote to help you live an epic life. And yes, it took me forever to write it, so I hope it really helps you crush it out thereThis article first appeared on Quora.

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Waitress Resume Sample Can Be Fun for Everyone

Waitress Resume Sample Can Be Fun for Everyone Now, take a look at a restaurant resume sample. The waitress should produce the table and keep the spoons and forks for the clients. Restaurant patrons are able to occasionally, be demanding and even rude. A waiter will likewise be asked to bear in mind a variety of details about the food and beverage lists. Things You Wont Like About Waitress Resume Sample and Things You Will You should know what the employer desires the absolute most. Your resume is a vital part of your job search for a waiter or waitress. Gain experience for a waitress or get hired at the job which you desire. In addition, you can look for waitress jobs on Monster. The Ugly Secret of Waitress Resume Sample It is thus very important to understand how to compose a captivating Objective if you need your resume to get a possibility of getting you the much desired interviews. The initial one basically says I want a work cause I would like to learn from you. It is work that is immensely acceptable for somebody who likes a fast paced job with distinctive kinds of responsibilities. Finding a job for a waiter or waitress does elend arrive so easy anymore, particularly with the simple fact that fewer jobs are at present available than the variety of folks looking for employment opportunities. Up in Arms About Waitress Resume Sample? Our resume builder provides you with tips and examples on the best way to compose your resume summary. If thats the case, there are a few instructions that you must follow for you to produce the best resume. Its intense but should you get a strong resume with the perfect words, you can get in. Search this website for examples of waiter resume templates to observe how it is possible to enhance yours. Click our sample to learn to compose the ideal transportation resume. Should you need some suggestions on how to craft the ideal healthcare resume for your specific field, have a look at our samples and the accompanying writing guides. Check out these resume samples to make certain hiring managers landsee the very best edition of you Have a look at our information technology resume samples for some tips about how to present yourself as the ideal candidate. These skills lists may be used throughout your job search procedure. Soft skills are difficult to measure since they are what the people today define, a component of themselves such as communication and teamwork. In most cases, they are always more considered because they are hard to create and build. To do so, youre want to detail your abilities and experience, with a distinctive focus on how you may use those abilities to turn a profit. Waitress Resume Sample - Dead or Alive? Specialized Food Service Resume Samples If you simply need to see general food tafelgeschirr resume examples and ideas, keep reading When youre in the practice of searching for employment in this specific field, the aforementioned tips are the most ap propriate for you. If youre searching to customize professional, pre-formatted resumes, take a look at our absolutely free downloadable templates. Take a look at the tips below. The Upside to Waitress Resume Sample You may use our resume building software to create your own from scratch. Its inside this portion which you just earn an indication of especial hands-on abilities and experiences, and certainly another info thats job-related. If youre using bullet points to describe your latest position, you ought to use bullet points to describe each position youve held. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously provide you an advantage. What Everybody Dislikes About Waitress Resume Sample and Why Generally, the primary purpose of any resume is to highlight the abilities and get work. A high electricity and diplomatic comportment, even in the surface of interpersonal conflict, could influence your tip-dependent income. For more ideas on how best to strengthen your program, take a look at our education and teaching resumes. Therefore, if youre planning to compose your server resume, be rest assured that youll be prosperous. A superb waiter should have the ability to fulfill the requirements of the customer, even if theyre not being entirely affordable. A superb waiter or waitress ought to be in a position to keep in mind the requirements of their customers to be able to communicate these desires clearly to the cooking staff. Waitress Resume Sample Secrets But first, think about this Every single time you find an outstanding job opening in the food business, there are hundreds and hundreds of others looking at the exact same posting. If you are attempting to compose a good resume that may help you raise your odds of getting hired, youre in the appropriate place. Your probability of getting the job can become very slim when it happens. You have to be the type of person they are interested in so they will think youre the one and call yo u for an interview whenever they finish reading your resume. Everyone knows the food service market is just one of the more tightly regulated industries on the planet. Various kinds of work in the food service industry require resumes with a lot of the very same skills. It is one of the most challenging industries to work in. The majority of the restaurants normally need potential employees to complete the applications.